Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Full restoration of home after fire damage

We clean your entire home after a fire

SERVPRO of Roanoke Rapids gets called in to help remove smoke and soot after fires. This house had a kitchen fire. We deodorized with a thermal fogger to help take away the smell of smoke. We cleaned walls, ceilings, baseboards, and windows. Our technicians cleaned and sanitized thoroughly, as well as deodorized and cleaned the carpet and floors to rid them of smoke and soot. 

Grease fire damages kitchen

Call us if you need help after a grease fire

If you have a grease fire typically you entire home will have smoke damage. Let SERVPRO of Roanoke Rapids help with the restoration process! We'll move content and clean thoroughly before mitigation begins. We have thermal fogger that can deodorize carpets and remove odors from within your home. Give us a call for your fire damage needs.

Air scrubber which is used to clean the air

John Baldwin describes how an air scrubber is used

This picture was taken at a recent video shoot of company owner John Baldwin describing how this piece of equipment works. If SERVPRO of Roanoke Rapids has ever been in your home after a fire, than you've seen our air scrubber. This piece of equipment is more appropriately referred to by professionals as an "air filtration device," or AFD. Simply put, this devices filters airborne particles out of the air, giving you cleaner air to breathe. The machines are used on many types of jobs, but we use them after a fire since there is soot in the air. This device traps airborne particles in their filters, allowing filtered air to pass through the machine and re-enter the breathing environment cleaner. 

Stove damaged by fire

Grease fire destroys appliances

Whenever SERVPRO of Roanoke Rapids receives a call for any type of loss, we always document what caused the loss and what was lost this helps homeowners with insurance claims. In this case, the stove was damaged due to a grease fire that started while the homeowner was actually cooking.

Responding to fire loss due to grease fire

Home restored after grease fire

SERVPRO of Roanoke Rapids responded to a fire loss due to a kitchen grease fire. Technicians came in and cleaned the kitchen cabinets, walls, door openings, window openings, and ceiling. Two bedrooms, a hallway and two bathrooms were also cleaned during the restoration process.

damage to kitchen from fire

Grease fire causing damage to kitchen and home

Grease fires like this one can cause smoke and soot damage throughout a home. This recent fire caused damage to the homeowner’s master bedroom and closet, kitchen and pantry, and laundry room. SERVPRO of Roanoke Rapids provided restoration to all affected areas, deodorized and cleaned the house much to the owner’s delight.