Water Damage Photo Gallery

Water damage in downstairs from upstairs pipe burst

Living Room Damaged From Pipe Burst Above

A pipe burst above caused flooding to the first floor and the homeowner called us. Antique furniture had to be removed and then the demo and drying could be started. Dehumidifiers were placed in the home to protect its contents and stabilize the environment. An anti-microbial was used inside and under the home. We were able to save the home's antique furniture and restore the home. 

We put this kitchen back together

Our technicians put the kitchen back together

This project took some time. We had to remove the affected contents, tear out material such as baseboards, drywall, countertops, carpet, and cabinets. We placed drying equipment such as air movers and dehumidifiers. The drying process took about 3 days but our team’s hard work and dedication put this homeowners' kitchen back together again.

Water damage clean-up from burst pipe

Special equipment used in water remediation

When a water line broke above a homeowners kitchen, they were able to stop the leak to prevent greater damage to their home. However, they did have damage to their kitchen and eating area. The wet insulation in the ceiling had to be pulled out to get to the broken pipe for repair. In place drying was performed in all the affected wet areas under the guidelines of the IICRC. Both penetrating and non-penetrating meters were used during the drying process. The houses crawlspace took a couple days to dry with a Desiccant unit. The loss occurred on or about 1-8-2018. We were not called in for several weeks, therefore the saturated sub floor had been soaked for a minimum of two weeks requiring a much longer dry time than a loss that had been wet a few hours. Calling us in earlier helps prevent more damage.

Water damage on floors

Flooring damaged due to water leak

After a supply line caused major damage to a home's kitchen. SERVPRO of Bath had to set out air movers and dehumidifiers to perform water mitigation services. Appliances had to be detached and moved out in order for us to get to the affected flooring.

Damage to home's closest

Pipe causes damage in home

When temperatures drop, pipes freeze and water damage occurs. This damage was caused by a leak which went undetected of 30 days which caused most of the flooring and walls to also have microbial growth and heavy mold under floorboards and behind walls.

Kitchen repaired after water mitigation is complete

Repaired kitchen in eastern NC home

It's hard to believe that this kitchen had severe water damage due to a broken ice maker line in the homeowners refrigerator. The crawlspace was also compromised. SERVPRO of Roanoke Rapids was happy to help this client with all their repairs.