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Understanding Common Flooding Concerns

9/23/2021 (Permalink)

Flooding in your Roanoke Rapids, NC home basement can be caused by various reasons.

Homeowners trust that their plumbing will work without issue. Unfortunately, sometimes things happen to result in a basement flood. Now, a flood can occur because of exterior or interior issues. The key is to prepare for either circumstance to avoid massive disasters. Obviously, even the most fervent homeowner might still experience problems. If you want to prepare for the worst, it is best to contact a water remediation company in Roanoke Rapids, NC, to discuss prevention methods for your house. Some of the recommendations might include:

  • Backflow valves
  • Sump pumps
  • Overflow systems
  • Roof inspections
  • Plumbing assessments

Avoiding Common Problems

Some of the most common problems that can lead to flooded basements are related to roof and gutter maintenance. Gutter systems require regular upkeep, especially in the fall and after the winter. When gutters overflow or downspouts become clogged, all the rainwater fills the troughs and overflows, following the sides of the house and seeping into the ground around the foundation. If enough water seeps in, your home might experience flooding, structural, and further water damage.

Additionally, roofing, as it ages, can begin to fail or weaken. It is crucial to have your roof inspected at least once or twice per year to ensure it is still stable. If there are issues, make sure you fix the problems to limit the risks of leaks.

Speaking of leaks, you’d probably be surprised how many minor floods start with poorly sealed windows and doors. Sealants have an expected lifespan, and it is crucial to ensure all vulnerable areas are sealed. You can tell when the sealant is failing because it will appear dry and cracked. Aside from windows and doors, you will want to check the seal around the basement floor.

Consider the Landscape and Its Potential Effect on a Basement Flood

A Flooded basement can be the result of poor landscape design or suburban planning. Landscaping should always be graded away from the house to ensure proper drainage. Unfortunately, even when the landscaping is installed correctly if the house is in an area that should have never had a neighborhood or a house with a basement, you will need to do significantly more work to establish a consistently dry space, especially if it wasn’t sealed correctly, to begin with.

Houses that were developed with poor planning might require extensive work to waterproof. A construction company might need to dig out an area around the foundation to install a layer of waterproofing and additional drainage.

Hiring a Professional

If you want to ensure your property is secure and as protected as possible against future disasters, consider contacting a remediation specialist to schedule a property assessment. A licensed and trained crew will arrive at your business to discuss any problems or concerns.

A basement flood is not inevitable, especially with the right among of preparation. Keeping your house dry is about trusting professionals and keeping up with routine maintenance schedules. As long as you keep up with standard homeowner tasks and ask questions to ensure you’re prepared as much as you can be, you can limit the potential of a flood occurring.

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