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Sewage Backup Due To Rain

1/21/2022 (Permalink)

Heavy Rains can lead to various problems in your Roanoke Rapids, NC house. Consider these tips to be better prepared.

When people think of severe weather, they typically think of thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc., but few people consider the damage persistent and heavy rains can cause, even without heavy winds. Two of the primary issues during heavy rain include a flood and sewer backup.

Bear in mind this information in case you experience Heavy Rain

Flooding is expected with a tremendous amount of rain water, but for some homeowners, a black water backup is not. However, one typically leads to the other as city sewer systems become overwhelmed.

Despite the inconvenience and expense, you should never deal with flood or sewage water on your own. This type of flooding requires the experienced techniques and practices of a qualified restoration service in Roanoke Rapids, NC. The company will perform a four-step process to resolve your problem:

  • Mitigation
  • Water removal
  • Cleaning and disinfection
  • Property restoration

Dealing With a Sewer Backup After Heavy Rains

Storm damage is an all-inclusive category for any damage resulting from a storm, including wind and water damage. Sewer backups are a part of that category as well. While not nature-made, the onslaught of heavy rains causes a sewer crisis.

Some homeowners struggle with understanding how one event leads to the other. It is a straightforward process caused by the overwhelming of systems.

While homeowners can take preventative measures, such as installing backflow valves and overflow systems, there is still the chance a backup can occur, especially with persistent rains. When such catastrophes happen, it is best to call a remediation professional.

Overwhelmed Sewers

Heavy rains can quickly overwhelm the city and residential sewer systems. The sudden and significant downpour essentially forces water back through your system, leading to wastewater overflows.

Sewers are designed for maximum capacity limits. When a storm pushes the limits of these systems, the water has to have a place to go. Unfortunately, when city systems are equally overworked, the wastewater only has one other alternative: your drains.

If homeowners do not have adequate overflow or backflow systems in place, they will likely experience significant costs. Therefore, it is best to talk with a water remediation specialist before worrying about restoration.

Water Remediation

If you experience a sewage backup, it is necessary to call a remediation service to clean up the damage as soon as possible. Sewage is black water, and it is highly contaminated. It is considered toxic to people and pets.

You do not want to attempt a DIY clean-up of such water because it puts your health at risk. A water remediation specialist understands local and federal ordinances for the safe removal of such contaminated substances. These professionals also know how to disinfect and clean your property so you and your family can feel at home again.

A sewer backup is not a pretty sight or smell. The longer the problem sits in your property, the greater the damage becomes. A remediation specialist is the only individual who should be working in such conditions because they understand safe removal practices.

You can talk to a local city manager or remediation service to determine the best approach to resolving such issues or to find out how you might prevent them from occurring in the first place.

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