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5 Cooking Tips To Reduce Fire Risk

3/14/2022 (Permalink)

Reduce Fire Risk by Following These Tips.

Nearly everyone spends at least some time cooking a meal on a daily basis. Cooking is a routine task that is often done in a hurry to get family members fed before they rush off to work, school, or other activities.

Cooking fires are the number one cause of home fires and fire-related injuries in the United States. Your home in Roanoke Rapids, NC may be at risk, too, if you don't take the proper steps to prevent fires. Here are five cooking tips to reduce fire risk in your home.

Important Tips to Avoid Cooking Fire Risk

1. Establish a Kid-Free Cooking Zone

When the kids are hungry, they tend to get underfoot. Not only is it annoying to try and cook while they're in the kitchen with you complaining of hunger, but it's dangerous. Very small children can trip you up and cause things to get knocked off the counter or stove. Being distracted might prevent you from noticing that something is starting to burn, or you might forget that the oven is on at all. Establish a kid-free cooking zone to keep everyone safe.

2. Stay in the Kitchen - Always

Cooking accidents that result in fire damage most often occur when something is left unattended on the stove or in the oven. Even if you think that you'll only be gone for a minute to change a diaper or let the dog outside, there's always a chance that something can catch fire in that short time. If it does happen, use a fire extinguisher if you can do so safely, but first get everyone out of the house. Later, a fire damage assessment can be made to determine your restoration needs.

3. Clean Regularly to Prevent Grease Buildup

One way to prevent a grease fire is to clean your stovetop regularly. While it might feel like one more thing to do, quickly wiping down the stove after each meal prevents a big cleaning project later and helps to keep your family safe from fires.

4. Keep Flammable Objects Away from Heat Sources

When you're rushing to get dinner on the table, you might not be cleaning as you go. Rather, you use all the available counter space for prep and worry about cleanup later. One of the most important fire prevention tips is keep flammable objects away from heat sources. You might toss a kitchen towel on top of the toaster oven but if you forget that it's there, someone might turn on the toaster oven without moving the towel which can then catch fire.

Cardboard packaging, paper plates, wooden utensils, and hot pads are just some of the flammable objects that are likely found in your kitchen during meal prep. Be intentional to put those items where they belong to prevent accidents.

5. Check the Stove Before Bed

As a part of your nighttime routine, get into the habit of checking that the stove and oven are turned off. You lock the doors to prevent intruders, so check the kitchen to prevent fires catching while you sleep.

These cooking tips will help keep your family safe during the hustle and bustle of mealtime.

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